Members at Well-Being Services (CVSV) Ltd - BARGAINING QUESTIONNAIRE - BCGEU

Your collective agreement will expire on April 30, 2018 and the Union is preparing for the upcoming bargaining. The election of your bargaining committee is underway and your bargaining committee needs your input to set priorities to take to the bargaining table. Members are being asked to fill out the enclosed bargaining questionnaire now and return it by March 7, 2018 to provide input and direction to the bargaining committee.

Events in bargaining unfold and change very quickly and it is important that your union is able to contact you to keep you up to date as bargaining proceeds. If you have not signed a union membership card please contact a Steward to sign one. If you have moved and not updated your contact information with the union, or have changed or not provided the union with your home email address we encourage you to log onto the BCGEU website at and do so as soon as possible. This will ensure that you receive future bulletins as soon as they are produced.

To edit your personal contact information:

1. Go to and log in. 

2. In the upper left of your screen you will see a box with your name at the top. Click on "edit".

3. Enter the correct information and click "save".

Thank you for taking the time to participate by sending this information. The questionnaire may be returned in the enclosed self-addressed and postage paid envelope, or faxed (make sure you fax both sides!) to

604-294-5092 or toll-free fax 1-800-946-0244 or scanned and emailed to

In solidarity,

Deb Wilson
Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download FYI Well-Being Bulletin - February 7 2018.pdf