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FLNRO MOA classification appeals - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

You are seeting this bargaining update as a BCGEU member employed by the Ministries of Forests; Land, Water and Resource Stewardship; and Environment and Climate Change Strategy.
The Memorandum of Settlement for the 19th Public Service Main Agreement includes an agreement to conclude all outstanding FLNRO classification appeals.
Table A lists the appeals that the bargaining principals agreed were successful. Table B lists the appeals that the bargaining principals agreed were not successful. 
This was a hard decision. The alternative was more years of delay while the exacting process of establishing the merit of the remaining appeals going forward. You've been clear that this delay was unacceptable to you and yet, aside from the bargaining remedy we now have in hand, no other tools are available to us to speed up the process.
You've also told us that, when the time comes for your appeal to be evaluated, to slow everything down and take extra time to review additional evidence that's provided after the timelines. While this has always been done, it has also prolonged the process. 
This MOA (which concludes the appeals on ratification of the agreement) seems to be the best solution for all the outstanding appellants waiting for answers. We realize that it isn't a perfect solution but you've been rightly vocal in expressing that the alternative of years of more process isn't acceptable either.
In solidarity, 
Your BCGEU Public Service Bargaining Committee
Stephanie Smith, President and Committee Chair
Paul Finch, Treasurer
Judy Phipps, Executive Vice President
Dean Purdy, Vice President - Component 1
Kusam Doal, Vice President - Component 5
Judy Fox-McGuire, Vice President - Component 6
Kayla Woodruff, Member at Large - Component 6
Maria Middlemiss, Vice President - Component 12
Matt Damario, Component 12
Robert Davis, Vice President - Component 20
Michael Eso, Secretary and Lead Negotiator
Lisa Lane, Support Staff