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NEC Native Education College Bargaining Bulletin #4: Progress and Changes - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Your BCGEU bargaining committee has continued its work towards a fair deal that protects your wages against rising costs and puts you ahead.

Your committee and NEC met again on April 22nd, and your bargaining committee met on May 20th to review its positions on all outstanding union and employer proposals. The parties met in negotiations again on June 13th and June 29th and continued to make progress. By the end of June, most non-monetary proposals had been addressed, and the parties were turning their attention to monetary matters, including wages, and terms and conditions of work for casual instructors.

The parties scheduled additional bargaining sessions for July 12th and 13th. Unfortunately, the Union had to cancel these sessions due to conflicting dates being unexpectedly scheduled for the public sector Health Facilities bargaining table that the union staff negotiator attends for more than 2,000 BCGEU members.

Both of your bargaining committee members have left their employment with NEC to pursue other opportunities. They have done an incredible amount of good work on behalf of NEC employees. In the second week of September, nominations will open to constitute a new bargaining committee. Your new committee will build on the past committee's work and aim to conclude a tentative agreement this fall.

More information on the role of bargaining committee members will be provided in September. In the meantime, please contact staff representative Ryan Stewart if you have any questions about the role of bargaining committee members. No prior experience is required, and training will be provided.

You can expect a bulletin opening nominations for your new bargaining committee in the second week of September. Thank you for your ongoing patience and support through this lengthy process.

In solidarity,

Ryan Stewart, Staff Representative, Negotiations
Larisa Mills, Staff Representative, Lower Mainland Area Office

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