New Local 602 Chairperson

The position of Chairperson for Local 602, Social, Informational and Health North Island has now been filled.

Be advised that Leanne Salter has been acclaimed into the position of Chairperson as the second delegate running has stepped down.

Leanne will be your representative at the Component 6 provincial level and will be your advocate for the larger issues that affect Local 602. She will also be attending the 2017 BCGEU Triennial Constitutional Convention in June by right as the Chairperson.

Leanne works at 2100 Labieux Road, Nanaimo and she is a Community Program Office (EAW) 15.

Leanne is a long time steward and union observer.

Please welcome Leanne.

In solidarity

Lynda Morrice

Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.