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Oak Bay Kiwanis Pavilion -Worksite Visit/Meet with BCGEU Representatives *DROP IN* - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Worksite Visit Details:

Date: Friday, April 28, 2023

Time: Between 1-2 PM, attendance in person

Place: The Kiwanis Pavilion, Activity Room Visit with: Suzanne Steffen, BCGE First Vice-Chairperson, Component 4, and Stacey Campbell, BCGEU Staff Representative

Please come drop in and meet representatives of your Union, say hello, ask a question or two or help yourself to a Union trinket.

This is not a Union meeting; this is an opportunity for the Union to hear from you as to issues you believe the Union should be involved in or aware of, either at work or in your community.

We believe it is vital to keep connected with our Union members and this is why we think it is important that we speak with you.

Please share with us what is working for you and what you need from your Union. We hope that you are able to stop by, even for a short time.

In solidarity,

Suzanne Steffen, BCGEU First-Vice Chairperson, Component 4
Stacey Campbell, BCGEU Staff Representative

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