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Provincial Centralized Screening Hours of Work Umpire Decision - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

The Hours of Work Umpire Chris Sullivan has provided his decision regarding the Employer's Hours of Work application for Provincial Centralized Screening (PCS) to go to a 24/7 rotating schedule effective February 26, 2023.
The Hours of Work Umpire has determined that the Employer is entitled to implement its Hours of Work proposal. Please see the Hours of Work Umpire's decision here.
In the decision under Analysis and Conclusion, the Hours of Work Umpire determined that the "schedule changes sought are consistent with those contained in the relevant Social, Information and Health Services Component Agreement and also the requirements set out in Article 14.2 of the Main Collective Agreement."
The Hours of Work Umpire acknowledges the impact the new hours of work will have on a large number of experienced employees, many of whom are long-service employees.
The Hours of Work Umpire states that the lateral transfer option is "an essential component to mitigating the effects of such change on its employees. The details of the lateral transfer option the Employer proposes must be clarified no later than four weeks prior to the February 26, 2023, implementation date."
It is noteworthy that the Hours of Work Umpire is retaining jurisdiction "to ensure the terms of the lateral transfer option are reasonable as such constitutes an integral component of the rationale for upholding the application."
This is a difficult decision for many members to deal with and it is a welcome decision for many other members.
The Union is reviewing the decision to assess whether there is any contravention of the requirements of Clause 14.2(e) or Clause 14.2(f) of the collective agreement.
In solidarity
Kay Sinclair
Staff Representative


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