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Re: FLNRO Classification Review Project - BCGEU

To all members whose positions have been reviewed through the FLNRO Classification Review Project (CRP)

As you know from the Deputy Minister's recent announcement, the CRP undertaken by the BC Public Service Agency (PSA) has concluded. While the ministry has completed the review process, we have worked to ensure this process was completed this year. We did this with the creation of a sub committee of your article 29 committee, which resulted in a large percentage of the jobs being completed in the last year.

The BCGEU and PSA have recently agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding regarding classification appeals arising from the CRP.

The following is important information for all those whose jobs have been reviewed through this process:

All existing FLNRO classification appeals are no longer considered to be in abeyance.

All employees who believe the position they occupy has been improperly classified through the CRP must file an appeal by no later than August 31, 2017. Appeals relating to the CRP filed after that date will not be accepted.

Appeals should be filed to the BCGEU and to the PSA through MyHR using the same form as for Article 28.3 classification appeals, except Parts 1 and 2 may be fully completed and submitted without waiting 30 days since an updated job profile now exists due to the CRP. Please ensure that the excluded manager signs the updated CRP job profile whether or not the job duties/accountabilities are disputed. Additional information can be provided later.

Where more than one member occupies a position, the appeal may be considered part of an 'et al' appeal. You do not need to do anything further if you have already received the BCGEU's letter acknowledging that we have received your appeal. If you believe an appeal has already been filed for your position, but have not received an acknowledgement or are unsure, please complete the entire appeal form, attach and submit it with the signed job profile for your position, and we will confirm whether or not your appeal will be considered part of an existing 'et al' appeal. If you believe a new appeal needs to be filed for a position that others also occupy, we will need one member to complete the classification appeal form, obtain a signed job profile, and submit the information. Other members in the same position can sign onto the appeal by completing the group grievance form.

The BCGEU and the PSA are currently negotiating terms of reference as to a specific process for the FLNRO appeals. We want to deal with the appeals as expeditiously as possible while also ensuring a process that is thorough, transparent, administratively fair, and that follows due process.

The BCGEU can confirm that the appeal process will allow an opportunity for each appellant (or a representative working group for 'et al' appeals) to provide additional information and work examples at a joint interview. We will send out detailed information to appellants in advance of the interview, allowing time to prepare.

In determining the order that appeals will be dealt with, the parties will balance and recognize, to the greatest extent possible, the age of the appeal, the number of appellants (single versus 'et al') and job families.

We are not, at present, able to provide individual members with information as to when exactly their appeal will be dealt with. We will provide updated information as soon as we have any news, and appreciate your patience as we arrange these next steps.

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