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Results of Steward Elections for Victoria Cool Aid Society members - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Voting for 2 new stewards at Victoria Cool Aid Society closed at 4 p.m. November 2, 2023.


Rhett Palas and Rebecca McEwan will fill the 2 new steward positions. Please join us in welcoming these members in their new role as worksite steward. They join the current shop stewards Kate Banky, Matthew Busby O’Connor, Brian Calderwood, Luis DeSousa, Jaime Eaglestick, Lucas Hayes, Peter Janz and Kenon Sugie.

Stewards are representatives of our union at the worksite and will help you and your co-workers solve problems at your workplace. They will receive ongoing training from the BCGEU to ensure they can advise and represent you when you are facing challenges with your employer.

If you are required to attend a meeting with your employer that may be disciplinary, make sure to ask a steward to attend with you. You have a right to choose which steward you would like to represent you and your employer is required to inform you if the meeting may be disciplinary.

One tool for solving conflicts at work is to file a grievance. This is a way of acknowledging an existing conflict at the workplace and committing to solving it through an impartial third-party process. If you need to file a grievance, a steward can advise you on whether you have grounds to file and will help you fill out the paperwork.

If many of you are experiencing the same problem at the workplace, stewards can help come up with a plan to solve it together.  Congratulations to your new stewards!

In solidarity,

Kathleen Mann, Staff Representative
Kate Banky, Local 301 Chairperson

Download PDF of notice here