Retro and Claim Reimbursements for Valleyhaven Retirement Community Ltd. - BCGEU

Your bargaining committee is pleased to advise that the new salary rates were implemented on June 21st. The retroactive payments took longer to figure out, for 10 months retro from September 1st, 2018 through June 20th, 2019, and your employer is still working to finalize the calculations.

Retroactive pay settlements will be deposited on payday on Aug. 9th, 2019.

There will be two direct deposits on August 9th: first, for regular pay (July 19th-Aug. 1st); and a second, separate deposit for the retro payment.

Extended Health Claims

During negotiations, we heard from you that there were some errors made on extended health claim reimbursements for members at Valleyhaven. Most often, we heard about inaccurate claims assessments on eyeglasses. The Union and the Employer negotiated a memorandum to ensure the errors would be corrected, retroactive to August 31st, 2014.

If you think you received less than you should have on an extended health claim, retroactive to August 31st, 2014 - please contact Linsay.buss@bcgeu.ca, before August 31st, 2019.

The carrier is the Community Services Benefits Trust, and the Employee Benefits Handbook is Employee Class 03, effective August 1, 2010, amended December 1, 2012. All claims must be submitted by August 31st, 2019.

In solidarity,

Ashley Oesch – Bargaining Committee Chair
Pamela Conroy – Bargaining Committee Member
Tina Vallier – Bargaining Committee Member
Linsay Buss – BCGEU Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download Valleyhaven Bulletin 19July22.pdf