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Return-to-workplace update: BC NDP Constituency Offices - BCGEU

Return-to-workplace update: BC NDP Constituency Offices

Get answers to all your return-to-workplace questions on Tuesday, June 9th, 11:00 am via a Zoom townhall. Details below.

As you are aware, the B.C. government has recently announced timelines for services and businesses to re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers are required to involve worker representatives to develop plans that meet government and WorkSafeBC requirements, and have these plans available upon inspection.

Your union is in regular communication with your employer as these plans are being made and implemented. Your health and safety and collective agreement rights are our top priority, and we continue to advocate for you as operations evolve.

This bulletin provides the latest details of your employer's plans to return to the workplace. If you have any concerns, please immediately contact your union steward (see contact list below), reach out to your local executive, or email

What we know of your employer's plans:

  • Each NDP constituency office determines its own return-to-workplace plan and is to consult workers as they develop their own plan.

 What we've identified in the plan to be addressed:

  • Office cleaning: Your return-to-workplace plan should include information about cleaning, including who is responsible and timelines. Article 18.4 of your Collective Agreement states that "Employees shall not be required to provide office cleaning."

 What we recommend you do:

  • Work with your employer to assist with the creation of the return-to-workplace plans.
  • If you return to work and protocols are not being followed, or you feel unsafe, follow the proper process to exercise your legislative responsibility and right to refuse unsafe work. Review the three-step process to refuse unsafe work.
  • If you are unsure whether work is unsafe, or how to refuse properly, contact a steward (see contact list below) or an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee member.
  • If you are not able to return to the workplace full-time, you may request an accommodation from your employer on family status or health reasons. Contact a steward if you have questions (see contact list below).

 Who to contact for help or more information:

  • To answer your questions and concerns about returning to the workplace, your union will be hosting a Zoom townhall on Tuesday, June 9, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. You can access the townhall at that time here. (We'll send full details to access the townhall on the day before.)
  • To have your questions and concerns addressed during the townhall, please email by Thursday, June 4, end of day.
  • Or, to discuss your situation directly, contact your stewards:

Stewards for NDP Constituency Assistants

Gurpreet Sangha

Fraser Valley

Andrew Barrett


Maureen Mitchell-Starkey


Jason Blackman

Lower Mainland

Deanna Fasciani

Fraser Valley

Andrea McDonald

North Island

Robert Hill

North Island

Angelika Brunner

West Kootenay

Mackenzie McCorkindale

Lower Mainland

Jessica Lar-Son
(available after July 1)

Lower Mainland

This is what we know right now. We are committed to open and timely communication with you, so we will keep you informed as we learn more.
Finally, for information about other issues impacted by the pandemic, visit or email
In solidarity,

Cindy Battersby, Component 7 Vice President