Safety Tip of the Month - February 2018 - BCGEU

Everyone should be familiar with the OHS regulations on "Working Alone" (Sections 4.20, 4.21 and 4.22). The "Working Alone" provisions require:

• the employer to identify, eliminate and/or minimize the risks and/or hazards associated with working alone;

• the employer to develop and implement a written procedure for checking the well-being of a worker assigned to work alone at regular intervals, including checking in with the worker at shift end;

• the procedure for checking a worker's well-being to be developed in consultation with the Joint OHS Committee.

Familiarize yourself with the employers' policies and procedures for working alone (found on the intranet). Review these with your manager/regional manager and make sure you follow the process. 

Some stores have a "Panic" button that the member wears on their person and if you work in a store that requires you to work alone and if you think that the button will help you feel safer and more at ease then please talk with your Regional Manager or the LDB Safety officer Kirsten Yaffe. Feel free to contact your Component OHS committee (information on website) if you have any questions.

Here are some other suggestions that we heard from our members:

1. When working late, be sure to move your vehicle closer to the door before the last person leaves. 

2. Remember to sign off the till before leaving to do other work. 

3. Be aware of the people entering the store or in close proximity (parking lot or out back)

4. Carry the cordless phone with you when working in other areas of the store.

5. Make sure the bell that lets you know someone has entered the store is in working order.

6. Get warehouse work done while another employee is there so you can focus on the sales floor when you are alone.

7. Before leaving make sure there is no one hanging around outside.

8. Make sure you have minimal cash in the register at all times.