Safety Tip of the Month - June 2017 - BCGEU



Hello Component 5 Members,

Today we want to share a tip that is sometimes partially overlooked.

Please ensure when doing your Safety Inspections that the eye wash station maintenance is not overlooked. You want to make sure that the eye wash stations are in good working condition and they are accessible at all times as well as cleaned and sanitized properly.

Every month the water in the bottles needs to be replaced with potable water or the isotonic saline solution. The bottle itself needs to be wiped down with hot water and don't forget to wipe the eye cap as well. The holder also needs to be wiped off with soap and hot water because a lot of dust lands on them. There is no use cleaning the eye wash bottle if you are not going to clean the holder! Post a cleaning "LOG" beside the station so that the cleaning is documented monthly.

Clearly mark the eye wash station and ensure access is not blocked by equipment, stock, garbage etc.

If the eye wash station is old, broken or is not in good working condition then replace it. Document this on the monthly Inspection and Audit, then inform your manager that a new unit is required.


This safety tip is brought to you by your Component 5 OHS Committee. If you require more information or have any questions our contact information is available via the BCGEU website.



Local 467/MoveUP

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