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Saint Elizabeth Stewards

To:     All BCGEU Local 803 Members at Saint Elizabeth
Re:     Your Stewards


Please welcome Mynra Regan as the newly acclaimed shop steward that joins the list of stewards below.

This notice is to advise all BCGEU members at Saint Elizabeth that the following people are shop stewards for your workplace:


  • Maylanie Aglubat
  • Leonor Alcantara
  • Theresa Bergunder
  • Maria Bonitinho
  • Cecilia Dionne
  • Pedro Domingo
  • Marcia Laconsay
  • Irene Mall
  • Paz Mazaredo
  • Rae Nicolas
  • Shirin Nour
  • Myrna Regan
  • Margaret Snow
  • Dahlia Ubial


If you have any questions regarding workplace issues or your collective agreement, please contact any of the stewards.

If you require contact information for a steward, call the BCGEU at 604-215-1499.


In solidarity


Fateh Born
Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here