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SFU Childcare Services - Tentative Agreement - BCGEU

On September 16th, your Bargaining Committee held a ratification meeting via Zoom to go over the recently reached tentative collective agreement. Electronic voting on the tentative agreement took place from September 17th to September 27th inclusive.


The results of the question "Do you accept the tentative collective agreement?" are as follows:


· Yes: 68.1%

· No: 31.9%


 The 4% wage increase will be effective on your next pay period. All of the other changes will be effective as of the date of ratification.


We would like to thank the Bargaining Committee of Taylor Kriese, Nita Pedersen, and Patty Bates for their hard work, diligence, and advocacy on your behalf.


In solidarity


Kay Sinclair

BCGEU Staff Representative


Reagan Belan

BCGEU Staff Representative

Download 303 NOB SFUCCS Ratification Results.pdf