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Sick Workers Must Stay Home - Community Builders Group - BCGEU

First, thank you for the heroic work you are doing on the frontlines of this pandemic. When you go to work – you are supporting some of our most vulnerable community members. 

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer for BC has been absolutely clear - everyone who has any symptoms must stay home and self-isolate until all symptoms are cleared. We are not to self-diagnose as 'it's just a cold' because many people have done this and been wrong. This puts our community at risk. 

Sick workers not only have the right to stay home – it is now by order of the Provincial Government. Do your part to flatten the curve.

If the Employer tries to make you return to work while you are sick – please contact the union by calling 604-215-1499 or emailing

Access to testing for Covid-19 is an important part of keeping workers safe and we support that. However, testing should not be used to make sick workers return to work before they are fully recovered. 

Workers that have no symptoms or reason to isolate are expected to show up for work as usual. 

The Union will maintain the position that sick workers and others required to self-isolate must follow the law until we see an exemption for CBG members in writing. 

Here is your link to the BCGEU's Covid-19 resource page:

In solidarity

Fateh Born
Staff Representative 

Download PDF of notice here.