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Sooke Shelter Society - More Information on Union Dues - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

We wanted to provide clarification around the written authorization for the Sooke Shelter Society to deduct union dues which has been sent out this past Monday on January 29th.

As some of you have not received a pay increase yet, there will be a dues holiday until March 31, 2024 - meaning that you will not pay union dues until April.

There is a negotiated general wage increase coming into effect after the first pay period following April 1, 2024. If your wage increase does not meet or exceed the percentage paid in dues the dues holiday will be revisited.

BCGEU policy states that newly unionized members will not pay union dues until a first collective agreement is in place and workers have received wage increases that meets or exceeds the listed percentage in dues. Joining a union should not result in a pay cut for any of our members.

Union dues are a way for BCGEU members to collectively pool money to pay for union resources and supports.

Members pay 1.85% of their gross wages in union dues - so for example $1.85 for every $100 earned in wages. Union dues are tax deductible.

The BCGEU membership sets the policy around union dues at our triennial convention. Curious over how dues money is spent? – click here for more info:

Please feel free to reach out to your Steward should there be any further questions regarding union dues.

In solidarity

Alexandra Mosimann, Steward
Timo Spignat, Steward
Kathleen Mann, Staff Representative


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Download PDF of notice here