Starlight Casino update on poker arbitration

Here is an update of our progress in the Starlight Casino Award regarding the elimination of Poker. 

Contrary to certain rumours being promulgated on the casino work floor, the Employer has not appealed Arbitrator Brown’s January 8, 2016 decision.  An appeal must be filed within fifteen (15) days of an award. Whoever is spreading these rumours is mistaken.

In order to pursue the redress sought by the grievance, we made an initial request for staffing documentation on January 16, 2016. We requested the hours of work for each affected individual employee, the wages paid and other information necessary to verify the amount of compensation to which the affected employees are entitled. As the amounts will be significant, we want to be sure that we have all of the necessary information before concluding a settlement. As always, this takes a bit of time. 

On February 1, 2016, the Union wrote to the Employer to request an update in terms of his progress in producing the requested information. If at any time it becomes apparent that the requested information will not be forthcoming, the Union will contact the arbitrator for the purpose of obtaining an order for the requested information.  

The Union will keep you informed of any new developments. 

In solidarity

Kim Howse 
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here