Statement on deportation of Arthur Lorenzo Jr.

Today, January 26, 2017 Arthur Lorenzo Jr., a migrant worker who has fought hard for the rights of migrant workers and in the community with LGBTQ refugees is going to be deported for his activism. 

Arthur raised the issues of the exploitative working conditions as restaurant worker.  

After standing up for his rights, which resulted in his employer’s permit being temporarily suspended, Arthur is to face deportation today.  

It is people like Arthur that we need in our society to bring change and awareness about the conditions that migrant workers face as well as other workers like the thousands of temporary foreign workers that come to Canada every day.  

We urge all of our members to show your solidarity with Arthur by emailing Minister Ralph Goodale and ask that he stop the deportation of Arthur Lorenzo Jr.

Please click the link to send your message to the Minister Goodale.