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Strong mandate for a strike at Well Being Services - Comox Valley Seniors Village

Emotions ran high in the room on February 11, when your union representatives met with over 80 members from Well Being Services to talk about strike action. The BCGEU heard the message loud and clear: our workers deserve more than what they're being offered. Your union will be with you every step of the way.

As of today, Monday February 15, the employer is offering about a quarter of a percent less in total compensation than what we are asking for. In addition, vacations at this workplace are below employment standards, and we need to bring them to a decent level. We have heard stories of the same amount of work being done by fewer employees, causing fatigue, burnout and employee turnover.

The next steps in a labour dispute are clearly laid out in labour law – your union will ensure your interests are represented at every turn.

  • The union and the employer have to negotiate Essential Services – this will set the minimum amount of work that must happen during a strike. This step can take some time, but we will update you regularly on our progress.
  • In the meantime, we will be connecting with workplace leaders to train picket captains and prepare workers for the strike. 
  • Once the Essential Service levels are set, we can issue 72-hour strike notice, and put the employer on notice that there will be job action.
  • Once job action happens, your union will be present to support you throughout 

Well Being Services employs about 200 BCGEU members, who provide care for seniors independent and assisted living in Courtenay in the Comox Valley.

Download PDF of notice here.