Sun Life Investigation/Employer Discipline

Recently the Union was made aware that a large number of our River Rock membership have been called into meetings with River Rock security.

Hearing of these meetings, the Union immediately contacted the Employer's lawyer expressing our concern. We are pleased to let you know that the investigations are about to end, and that no one is likely to be disciplined. Though this is good news, the Union remains concerned about how upsetting this has been for our membership. We will continue to monitor things closely.

Until River Rock's first collective agreement is negotiated, the Union's ability to represent members at investigation/disciplinary meetings is very limited. That said, even without a collective agreement in place, there are a number of things a member can do to ensure that they protect themselves if called into a meeting with the Employer.

  • Be honest
  • Stay calm
  • Take your time answering questions
  • Take notes
  • If you do not understand a question, ask for clarification
  • If you made a mistake, then admit it. Employers are far less likely to impose severe discipline if a person takes ownership of their mistakes

Always remember that until we have shop stewards in place at the worksite, any member facing the prospect of discipline, or is subject to an investigatory meeting, can contact BCGEU Staff Representative Anthony Davies at Anthony.Davies@bcgeu.ca for assistance.

Finally, if members involved in the Sun Life investigation feel that they have been treated unfairly, they are encouraged to use the Employer's complaint process to respectfully let the Employer hear directly of their concerns.

Have a safe and happy summer!!

In solidarity,

Anthony Davies
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here

Downlaod PDF of notice in Chinese translation here