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Support B.C.’s wildland firefighters: sign our open letter to the forests minister - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

This year has been the most destructive wildfire season on record in British Columbia. An unprecedented provincial state of emergency has been declared, and communities all over our province are facing evacuation orders and threats of fast-moving wildfires.
Right now, our thoughts are with B.C. residents who are facing uncertainty about their safety and homes. Our union hopes everyone is able to evacuate safely.
Our union is also standing with the frontline stafff who are working around the clock to keep our communities safe, including the almost 2,000 BCGEU members in the BC Wildfire Service – both those on wildland firefighting crews and the administrative professionals, dispatchers and many others that support their work.
Wildland firefighters are an incredibly dedicated group of individuals who are committed to protecting our province.
However, these BCGEU members are putting their lives on the line to protect lives and properties from devastating fires without the wages and compensation they deserve, resulting in a dangerous amount of overtime, fatigue and burnout.

Last week, our union launched an open letter asking Forests Minister Bruce Ralston to increase wages, offer firefighters the same pension as other public safety responders and fix outstanding payroll delays so that these workers can do the work they are so committed to with the resources they need.
Now is the time to support wildland firefighters and they need your support!
Sign the open letter and add your voice today!
Right now, our wildfire service is facing tremendous challenges with recruitment and retention of staff. Seasoned firefighters are leaving the profession that they love because they just can't make a sustainable living. This is creating a dangerous situation for frontline workers and the communities that they are working so hard to protect.

Please watch this video of BCGEU Treasurer Paul Finch to learn more and join the campaign today to support wildland firefighters: