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Tentative agreement for Component 1 - BCGEU

Your component negotiating committee met with the employer on the week of April 30 – May 4, 2018. We made significant progress in developing language to ensure Adult Custody escorts are properly staffed for our members' safety and managed to negotiate a fairer way of scheduling Sheriff vacations during primetime. We solidified the status of the Youth Custody uniform committee and obtained important protections to ensure Corrections Officers are not moved off of their post rotations arbitrarily. New language was negotiated to ensure that Corrections Officers who received none of their choices in post rotation selection have their requests considered if and when positions become vacant. Monetary improvements include increases to clothing maintenance allowances for Adult Custody and Sheriff members. 

Your Component negotiating committee invites you to consider details of all changes and recommends acceptance and ratification of the Component Agreement as amended. 

You can download the ratification document by clicking here


In solidarity

Dean Purdy, Vice President, Correctional and Sheriff Services Component
Brandon Cox, Committee Member
Krissy Hayes, Committee Member
Dave Iorizzo, Committee Member
Shane Rush, Committee Member
Andrew Stevens, Committee Member
Craig Tott, Committee Member
Tom Wheatcroft, Committee Member
Wayne Williams, Committee Member
Oliver Demuth, BCGEU Assistant Coordinator