Tentative Agreement Reached for The Salvation Army Detox - BCGEU

We are pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with your Employer.

As you know, we have been challenged by the Employer's position to dissolve your collective agreement and meld your agreement with The Salvation Army Habour Light ARC collective agreement. When we reconvened bargaining with your Employer yesterday, they withdrew their proposal on melding the agreements. This allowed us to focus on the issues that you raised for bargaining.

Your bargaining committee recommends that members vote yes to accept the terms of the tentative agreement.

Highlights of the tentative agreement:

  • Three-year term, ending March 31, 2019
  • The committee agreed to wage increases that are similar to the increases negotiated for the Community Health Subsector Agreement:
    • 0.5% paid retro to April 1, 2016
    • 2% paid retro to April 1, 2017
    • 2% effective April 1, 2018
    • 1% plus Economic Stability Dividend, effective February 1, 2019

  • Full retroactivity to be paid to those employees who are employed at date of ratification, to be paid on a separate paycheque

  • A dayshift premium for employees who work short-staffed because the Employer does not backfill a shift

  • Improvements to casual call-in language

  • Language that guarantees a higher wage rate when a DW1 is called in to do DW2 work when paid at the top step in the wage grid

  • Language that reinforces the Employer's commitment to meet with the union if the Detox program closes

Details of the tentative agreement will be available to members prior to voting.

Ratification Meetings:

Thursday, February 22, 2018
6 pm to 8 pm in the 3rd Floor Boardroom

Monday, February 26, 2018
6 pm to 8 pm in the 3rd Floor Boardroom 

We encourage members to attend so that we can go over the details of the tentative agreement.

This bargaining committee faced a lot of challenges this round. Everyone who participated in the process worked really hard to get a fair and reasonable contract.

We hope that you will attend these meetings and vote yes to accept.

In solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee:
Crystal Lambert
Fatima Pais
Harp Pander
Selena Kongpreecha, Staff Representative - Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here.