Thompson-Nicola Regional Library - Bargaining update - BCGEU

Your Bargaining Committee is sending out this bulletin to ensure the membership is informed about the ongoing collective agreement bargaining process between the Union and the Thompson Nicola Regional Library.

The parties met from March 4 to March 7, 2019 and exchanged proposals with each side providing an explanation as to the reason for the proposal.

We worked through a number of language proposals and continue to work towards reaching a settlement.

We have set bargaining dates for early April. Further information bulletins will follow as updates become available.

Your support is appreciated, as we proceed through this process.

Left to right: Brenda Dunn, Stephanie Gignac, Brenda Beckmann, Kathy Adams, Tammy Gjernes

In solidarity

Kathy Adams, Bargaining Committee Chair
Brenda Dunn, Bargaining Committee Member
Stephanie Gignac, Bargaining Committee Member
Tammy Gjernes, Bargaining Committee Member
Brenda Beckmann, Staff Representative