To ISM employees: We are fighting for your jobs - BCGEU

Dear ISM Employees,

I would like to start this letter by saying "Happy New Year," but, I know that you received news last week that makes this a difficult start to the year.

Like you, we are concerned that ISM was not the successful proponent in securing the RFP with the health authorities. As soon as we heard the news we started making calls to get more information and be able to fight for your jobs and your collective agreement.

We have already reached out to ISM and government to find out what this means for everyone involved. Yesterday, Judy Fox-McGuire - your Component 6 VP - and I met with your staff rep and other union staff to make a plan of action and establish next steps.

In the coming days we will be reaching out to government officials, your employer and NTT Data to ensure that, whatever the outcome, your job and your collective agreement are secure.

In the meantime, I want to make sure you know that the final stage of the bid process will take some months to complete. In the immediate future, nothing will change for you.

You will continue working as you have until more details become available.

We will be notifying you as we get more information and establish next steps.

If you have questions please contact your steward and we will respond to your queries as best we can.

We know this is very stressful and we are here to assist and represent you as this process moves forward.


In Solidarity,

Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President
Judy Fox-McGuire, VP Component 6