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UBC Child Care Services - Bargaining Update – Next Steps - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)


Your bargaining committee met on July 6, 2022, to continue our preparation for the renewal of your collective agreement which will now move into proposal development. To assist us in that process we will be distributing a long form survey intended to quantify the collated short form survey results. Please monitor your inboxes during the coming week. Your continued input will be extremely important as we move through the bargaining process.

Collective bargaining begins and starts with you – the members. It is a process of negotiating a collective agreement with your employer. A collective agreement is a legally binding document that establishes terms and conditions of employment. The bargaining process is typically triggered when there is a need for negotiation. As your collective agreement expired March 31, 2022, there is a need for negotiation.

There are normally four stages to bargaining.

1. Pre-Bargaining or Preparation

We are currently in the pre-bargaining stage. It is during this stage that proposals are developed. But before that occurs your bargaining committee must gather information by reviewing grievances, changes to applicable law, discussions at labour-management meetings, and seeking member input. Member input ranges from surveys, meetings, individual feedback, or any other forums that are specific to the bargaining unit. Member input will be sought throughout the bargaining process.

2. Bargaining

Once the proposals have been developed, we will sit down with your Employer to exchange proposals and begin the process of negotiating a renewal collective agreement. The intention is to reach a tentative settlement to be put before the members for a ratification vote. A tentative settlement is usually arrived at without the need for job action however, that is not always the case. If negotiations reach impasse members may need to exercise their right to strike to achieve their priorities. You will know well in advance should your bargaining committee feel it is necessary to obtain a strike vote; that decision will not be made without member input.

3. Voting and Ratification

Members are entitled to vote on a tentative settlement. The terms of the settlement do not form the renewed collective agreement until ratified by the members. Once ratified, the terms and conditions contained in the in the tentative settlement are incorporated into the collective agreement and become legally binding on the Employer and Union and its members.

4. Post-Ratification

The collective agreement is amended to incorporate the agreed-to changes and signed off. The changes are typically effective upon ratification not when the new collective agreement has been signed off and printed. Preparation for the next bargaining round normally starts six (6) months before expiry.

If you know a BCGEU member who didn't receive this bulletin, please forward it to them. If you are a BCGEU member who didn't receive the bulletin directly, please update your email address with your Union by logging into the Member Portal here.


Stewards are elected by the members to represent you in any issue arising directly or inferentially from your employment. Article 1.7 recognizes your stewards and your legal right to their representation.

Stewards are elected by the members to "carry out duties" which range from accompanying a member to a meeting with a supervisor (Article 1.8), grievance handling including, investigations (Article 1.9), and meeting new employees (Article 1.10). Simply put your steward is there to represent you, the member (Article 1.12).

Your stewards are:

Shannon HEIGHES (at Willow)

Rachel LANPHEAR (at Huckleberry)

Ali McCANNELL (at Sandpiper)


We are also pleased that we have newly elected stewards. As soon as they can take the steward training, we will send out another bulletin with an updated steward list.

If you have any questions or concerns about your collective agreement including if it applies, a directive you may have received from a supervisor or information that you believe may be incorrect, contact one of your stewards as listed above.

In solidarity,

Freyja Sankey, Chairperson, Bargaining Committee
Gail Gordon, Member, Bargaining Committee
Shannon Heighes, Member, Bargaining Committee
Zoe Towle, Negotiations Staff Representative
Beverly Zheng, Negotiations Staff Representative


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