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UBC Child Care Services Program - tentative agreement reached - BCGEU

After two long days of mediation and tough negotiations by your Bargaining Committee with the assistance of the Labour Relations Board mediator, we are pleased to advise that we reached a tentative collective agreement with your Employer last night.

We believe that this tentative agreement addresses your bargaining priorities within the economic realities of the provincial government's bargaining mandate.

The Employer must have the tentative agreement reviewed by the UBC Board of Governors, Employer's Council and then both parties, the Union and the Employer, will start the ratification process.

We will be providing you with a full overview of the tentative agreement at a ratification meeting and vote, likely next week. Please watch for further bulletins announcing details.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Lee McArthur - Raven Daycare
Barbara Undurraga - Pioggia Daycare
Angela Chiasson – Sade Daycare
[Cathy Carson - Canada Goose Daycare]
Andrea Davis, Staff Representative – Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here