Union Bay Credit Union -Change to Terms of Collective Agreement Article 22.4 – Employee Deposits - BCGEU

The employer has approached the union to discuss the impact of an agreed change to Article 22.4 of the collective agreement. This change was proposed by the employer during the recently concluded negotiation for a renewed contract between the parties. Since the conclusion of the ratification process, the employer has advised the union that it was not their intention to propose and conclude a change to Article 22.4 that would insert the "prime" rate into this benefit. Their view is that this change would have a substantially problematic, financial impact on Union Bay Credit Union.

The union has agreed to return to previous contract language for this clause and now presents this change to the previous tentative agreement to the members for ratification. The result would be that the weekly rate survey would return for calculating the most beneficial rate for employee deposits.

Important: This re-ratification applies exclusively to the above referenced change to Article 22.4 only. All other changes to the ratified collective agreement will continue with full force and effect.

Therefore, a ratification vote for this change will be conducted as follow: 

 Wednesday, June 27, 2018
 Time and Location:  10 a.m. - Hornby Island
     1 p.m. - Lighthouse
     3 p.m. - Union Bay

The union encourages you to support this change, as it is not the union's intention to undermine the continued viability of the employer's business.

In solidarity
Jennifer Keenan, Bargaining Committee Chairperson
Kathy Warriner, Bargaining Committee Member
Dan Rowe, BCGEU Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.