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Update #3 - BC Nurses and Chiron Health Services bargaining - BCGEU

The Corrections branch was recently advised that the BC Nurses have served strike notice against Chiron, the health services provider in BC correctional centers.


Chiron and the Nurses are still in the process of negotiating essential services levels through the Labour Relations Board (LRB). The provincial government and BCGEU are not direct parties to this dispute.


We further understand that the provincial government has also applied to the LRB to allow non-Nurses staff to enter and exit their worksite without disruption. The BCGEU will be involved in this process.


It is important to note that no strike activity can begin until the LRB process is complete.


The BCGEU continues to hope that the Nurses and Chiron will come to an agreement without the need for job action. Unfortunately, the BC Nurses have not been coordinating with other unions at their worksites so we have no information on their plans.


As a reminder, if you do encounter an unexpected picket line at your work site, please do the following:

· Do not cross the picket line - Article 2.9 of your collective agreement gives you the right to refuse to cross without disciplinary penalty.

· Call your BCGEU area office to report the picket line and seek advice if necessary – Find your area office contact info here:


We will update with further information as it becomes available.



Local 467/MoveUP