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Update on Fraser Regional Correctional Centre Arbitration - BCGEU

The evidence in the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre (FRCC) arbitration of five (originally seven) of our members is ending next week in Vancouver. These members were dismissed due to an alleged use of force violation. A number of outstanding disciplinary grievances remain with respect to other affected members. So does a complaint regarding the nature of the investigation and the disciplinary response by the employer. These matters still need to be dealt with at arbitration.

The focus of the arbitration was to deal as quickly as possible with the members who were off pay, without compromising their right to a full and fair hearing.

Five days are scheduled next week for the arbitration. Your union wants to update component 1 members as many of you have been following this high profile case.


An incident in September 2017 resulted in our members' termination in early February, 2018.

Read details of the incident and subsequent charges filed here.

The arbitration began on May 7, 2018. So far, we have conducted 40 days of hearing, not counting the days scheduled for next week. This case is among the longest cases BCGEU has litigated, in part due to the complexity of matter. In next week's process, we will conclude the evidentiary portion of the proceedings related to our discharged members. The arbitrator will issue a bottom-line decision, which may necessitate further submissions and argument from the parties.

This has been a very stressful and lengthy process for our members. They've had to endure it without knowing what their future is going to look like. It has taken a toll on their family lives, as well on their personal mental health and well-being.

We will continue to update you as this unfolds.