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Vancouver Court House Respecting Picket Lines - BCGEU

Hello BCGEU members
It has come to our attention that picket lines may be put up at your worksite as soon as April 1, 2019. As a BCGEU member, it is our constitutional mandate to respect the picket line of other striking workers. When a picket line goes up, in BC they are closed picket lines - all union members, regardless of affiliation, are expected not to cross a picket line to show solidarity with the striking workers. Crossing a picket line is something that we take very seriously and BCGEU members who cross a picket line are subject to discipline up to being kicked out of the union.
What to do if you encounter a picket line:

  • Do not cross the line
  • Contact BCGEU and let them know there is a picket at your jobsite so we can inform your coworkers
  • Find the picket captain and introduce yourself
  • Call your supervisor and inform them you will not be at work due to the picket line
  • Ask the picket captain where you can join the striking workers on the picket line
  • If you wear a picket sign, make it clear that you are "in support/solidarity", not "on strike"

We will provide further details as we know them.
In Solidarity,
Reagan Belan, Paula Dribnenki
Staff Representatives


Download PDF of notice here