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VIHA Vacation Scheduling Memo dated July 21, 2020 - BCGEU

Your union was made aware of the recent memo distributed by VIHA in relation to vacation scheduling. It is our opinion that this memo is misleading and fails to note key Collective Agreement rights our members have regarding vacation scheduling.

  • You have a right under Article 18.5 to carry over five (5) days of vacation each year to a maximum bank of ten (10) days. You need not offer any explanation to carry over vacation nor does it require any approval from your employer or manager.
  • You are not compelled, as per Article 18.5, to schedule your remaining vacation (less carryover) until September 30, 2020. We do note that waiting until the last possible moment may limit the vacation windows you may want.

It is unfortunate that VIHA glazed over these facts and yet took the time to note the carryover entitlement of other VIHA employees. Your union brought up vacation scheduling and carryover during the pandemic and urged the employer to allow a larger carryover or larger one-time bank. They failed to recognize your efforts and commitment to the public and were completely dismissive of our request.
If any manager attempts to deny you these rights, please seek out a steward and consider your rights to grieve.

In solidarity

Charmaine Fines
802 Chairperson

Sean Antrim
Staff Representative

Download FYI Vacation Memo July 2020.pdf