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Well-Being Services (GSV) Ltd. notice of election of bargaining committee

Your collective agreement expires on July 31, 2016 and the Union is beginning preparations to conduct negotiations for a renewal agreement on your behalf.  Therefore, a new bargaining committee must be elected to represent all BCGEU members of Well-Being Services (GSV) Ltd. The Chairperson must be elected by membership vote and the remaining seats on the committee must be elected separately.  Please note that if you wish to run for the Chairperson, and also to run as a committee member if unsuccessful you will need to submit a nomination form for both positions.  You only need to submit one nomination form per position sought.

Nominations for the position of Bargaining Committee Chairperson (1) and 
Bargaining Committee Member (2 + 1 alternate) are now open.

No previous experience in negotiations is required to be a member of the bargaining committee. As the Chairperson you will normally be the main liaison between your members, the bargaining committee and the staff negotiator, and be expected to participate fully as a committee member and to take a leadership role within the committee and bargaining unit during and following negotiations.  All Committee members are expected to:

  • Attend caucus meetings and assist the Staff Representative in the development of proposals for collective bargaining
  • Liaise between members at the worksite and the Union regarding priorities
  • Assist in gathering and distributing information from and to members at the worksite 
  • Attend collective bargaining sessions with the Employer
  • Take notes related to the bargaining process and provide copies of same to the Staff Representative at the conclusion of bargaining
  • Provide feedback and information to the Staff Representative during the bargaining process
  • Participate in discussions related to the Employer’s proposals, and assist in developing counter proposals
  • Assist with ratification or other votes or meetings that may be held related to bargaining

Leave of absence is provided to members to allow attendance at all meetings without loss of pay or benefits.

In the event there are more nominations received than positions available a vote will be held.

Please complete the attached nomination form and return it by fax to:
Deb Wilson at 604.294.5092

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 5:00 p.m. Friday, May 13, 2016

cc.    Kevin Hagglund, Staff Representative
        Binny Sivia, Local 404 Chairperson
        Sherry Ogasawara, Vice President – Component 4 Health Services

Download PDF of notice here.

Download PDF of nomination form here.