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Well-Being Services (Guildford Seniors Village ) Ltd. - BCGEU

The Bargaining Committee met with the Employer on February 18, 2021 and March 1, 2021 in hopes of reaching a tentative agreement.

We are unable to report that we have reached an agreement and we are increasingly concerned we are farther apart on a few key monetary items than when the tentative agreement was rejected in June of 2019.

The parties intend to meet again in the coming weeks and we will provide you an update then.

Your patience is appreciated and we hope you understand that negotiations are taking place during an unprecedented time and with unprecedented circumstances. The provincial health emergency along with the resulting single site order and wage levelling have a deep impact on our ability to bargain as we would normally.

The biggest challenge we face is that we have no certainty on wage levelling being continued and this is a key element in a potential settlement.

In Solidarity,

Ana Lilia – Committee Member
Avtar Bharaj – Committee Member
Mila Huezo – Committee Member
Richard Tones – Staff Representative

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