Xyolhemeylh - Results of Benefits Vote - BCGEU

Your Benefits Review Committee is pleased to announce that you have chosen by a majority vote of 64.8% to move to Indigenous Services benefits on July 1, 2019. On this date, you will be relieved of paying premiums as Xyolhemeylh will be paying all premiums.

The summary of the Indigenous Services benefits is here: https://assets.nationbuilder.com/bcgeu/pages/9383/attachments/original/1553033866/304_NOB-Xyolhemeylh_benefits_190319_%28002%29.pdf?1553033866

We understand that this is a significant change in both the benefit level and amounts you are paying. The new carrier is experienced providing these same benefits to the Community Social Services sector of which Indigenous Services is a part.

We thank everyone for their patience with both the time the review and generation of meaningful options took and the expedited processes we engaged in when we needed your input.

In solidarity,

Your Benefits Review Committee

Brent Camilleri
Staff Representative – Negotiations

Sandra Postnikoff
Bargaining Committee Member


Download PDF of notice here