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Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten - Remembrance Day 2016

Today we honor and reflect on the sacrifice that those in our armed forces have made to protect our country and the freedoms we all enjoy.  We also must not forget the sacrifices made by men and women in our armed forces in protecting other countries. 

Remembrance Day commemorates the anniversary of the end of World War I.  Since then Canada has been involved in many conflicts and peacekeeping missions around the world and continues to be involved in military interventions in the middle east. 

Our service men and women play a role in not only protecting Canada but also other countries. 

In recent years there has been increased awareness about the less obvious effects that time in conflict can have on those who serve: those of mental and emotional distress.

In a recent interview, retired lieutenant-general Romeo Dallaire touched on how he once avoided Remembrance Day “like the plague” due to the atrocities witnessed during his service.

Mr. Dallaire encourages all Canadians to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our armed forces and to express thanks for their service, but to also know that the day brings about difficult emotions for many of those we honour.

“It is a fundamental duty of the citizenry to feel that pride.  And to express it,” said Dallaire. “To express it by being there, to express it by buying poppy, to express by shaking the hands of a vet or serving soldier. Actually stopping somebody in uniform on the street and thanking them”

Today the BCGEU extends gratitude and thanks to all those who have served in Canada’s military and to those who are currently serving.

Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten.