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Youth Custody 40 Hour Work Week Vote - BCGEU

In the last round of bargaining six out of seven Component 1 Locals put forward proposals for a 40-hour work week. Since then joint committees for Adult Corrections, Sheriffs and Youth Custody have been working on 40-hour work week proposals to be submitted to Government for review.

Between May 1 – 14, 2021 you will have an opportunity to vote on a Youth Custody 40 hour work week proposal. Local chairs and elected union activists will conduct the vote in the worksites.

You are encouraged to read more about the background of the 40 hour work week proposals, details of the Youth Custody proposal, and the 40-hour work week shift patterns in the documents linked below. All members in Youth Custody are also encouraged to participate in this important vote.

Important note: The Youth Custody 40 hour work week proposal is just that, a proposal. It has been negotiated with the Employer but has not yet been signed off by the Government. 



In solidarity,
Your Component 1 Executive