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Fair Wages COVID-19 Update, Sectoral Component 3 - BCGEU

On April 24th we updated you about the efforts we have been making with respect to ensuring that you are safe while you are at work and also ensuring that you are fairly compensated for the important work you do each and every day in the community social services (CSS) sector. We know that you provide care and support to some of the most vulnerable members of society in British Columbia and the COVID-19 pandemic has made that work even more challenging. We described our efforts to date in our bulletin which can be accessed here.
On May 8, on behalf of the Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA), we demanded that the provincial government and all of the various funding agencies that provide monies to CSS agencies address these inequities in pay and benefits. In our letter to Finance Minister Carole James, we asked for CSS workers to be treated the same as their counterparts in the health and other sectors by being provided with additional pay, fully funded sick leave, additional meal allowances, clothing/laundry allowances, and/or coverage for additional pandemic-related expenses for workers. See that letter here.
As stated in that letter, "Our expectation is simple. CSS workers should receive the same treatment as other workers in other sectors with the provision of comparable pay and benefits to address the unique demands and challenges of working during this pandemic."

The BCGEU will continue to lobby and advocate on your behalf with government and stakeholders in the CSS sector to ensure your contribution during this time is recognized and respected.
Please ensure that you are checking the BCGEU website and, in particular, the COVID-19 hub and the CSS-specific microsite for information directly related to workers in the CSS sector. If you have questions directly related to occupational health and safety, contact your OHS representative or steward, or email [email protected]. If you have other general COVID-related questions, email [email protected].
In solidarity,
Andrea Duncan, Comp. 3 Vice-President