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Component 3 includes members who work in community social services.

These caring professionals provide supports, services, and resources to vulnerable families and individuals across the province. They include supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities, women and children fleeing violence, youth-at-risk, child care, community justice services, Aboriginal services, and employment services, among others. With over 12,000 workers in the sector, BCGEU is the largest community social services union in B.C.


April 25, 2016

Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics is the science of adapting the workplace to the worker and the product to the user. You are at risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries (MSI) when you carry out work without first considering how the workplace suits you. This can lead to disabling conditions if not recognized and treated in the early stages. The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, Sections 4.46 – 4.53, re...

April 22, 2016

Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC) bargaining questionnaire

Please fill out the attached bargaining questionnaire and return to the BCGEU – Lower Mainland Area Office via fax to 604-215-1410 or email [email protected] The deadline for return is 5:00 pm on Friday, April 29, 2016. In solidarity Ronnie Legaspi, Bargaining Committee Member Jim Sands, Bargaining Committee Member Swannie Wu, Bargaining Committee Member Anthony Davies, Staff Representative ...

April 22, 2016

Salvation Army Stevenson House bargaining committee member election results

The Union is pleased to advise that Philip Mackenzie has been elected your Bargaining Committee Chairperson and William Lumley and David Ross have been elected Bargaining Committee Member and Alternate, respectively. The bargaining committee will be meeting as a caucus soon to develop proposals for bargaining. In solidarity Angela Mahlmann Staff Representative, Negotiations cc Andrea Dunca...

April 21, 2016

McGregor Childcare Centre tentative agreement reached

The BCGEU has reached a tentative agreement with McGregor Childcare centre, which needs to be voted on for ratification by the members. Highlights of the tentative agreement include: wage increases of 2% each year over 3 years, for a total of 6% an increase 0.5% of Employer RRSP matching a 10-day increase to the maximum sick-leave bank pay by bi-weekly direct deposit instead of bi-monthl...

April 21, 2016

Boat Daycare Society ratification vote results

This is to advise you that the membership has rejected the tentative collective agreement. The result was 75% against acceptance of the tentative collective agreement. We will be working to determine the next steps over the next week and will keep you apprised of any updates as they become available. In solidarity Meredith Greene, Bargaining Committee Member Kim Howse, BCGEU Staff Representa...

April 20, 2016

Comox Valley Children's Daycare Society shop stewards

The Shop Stewards for the CVDCS are now: Mary Jantzen  Chia-Fen (Sharon) Mayer  Martin Pariseau Roberta Ann Rogers Feel free to contact them with any Union related questions or concerns that you may have.​   In solidarity Mike Scott Staff Representative Download PDF of notice here. UNIFOR467/MoveUP

April 20, 2016

SPARC of BC Steward nominations

Steward nominations are now open at your worksite. There is 1 position open. Deadline for nominations is May 20, 2016.  Please fill out the attached nomination form and return to the Lower Mainland Office by May 20, 2016 at the following address: Suite 130 2920 Virtual Way Vancouver, BC V5M 0C4 or via facsimile (604-215-1410) Download PDF of notice here. Download PDF of nomination form he...

April 20, 2016

Island Crisis Care Society JOSH COMMITTEE

Being aware of health and safety issues at a worksite is an important tool in ensuring a safe work environment for ALL employees.  Being part of your local Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOSH), you will be trained as a Committee Member to ensure safe working conditions.  This training will assist you in identifying hazards at your workplace. During this course you will lea...

April 20, 2016

BCGEU Members at Island Crisis Care Society shop steward results

Please welcome the new stewards at Island Crisis Care Society: Leah Lupkoski         -      Samaritan House Sara Knippshild       -     Samaritan House Lindsey Goupil        -      Samaitan House If you have any questions or concerns, please contact anyone of them. In solidarity Mike Scott Staff Representative Download PDF of notice here. UNIFOR467/MoveUP

April 20, 2016

Area 04 Local Executives, Stewards and OHS representatives evening workshop o...

The Area 04 Cross Component Committee presents an evening workshop on the duty to accommodate, medical notes and return to work. This workshop will cover general information about the employer's duty to accommodate members who, because of a disability require accommodation in their job position or duties. Date: May 10, 2016 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Fraser Valley Area Office                 8...

April 18, 2016

SFU Childcare Society ratification meeting and vote

What: RATIFICATION MEETING Where: Espuleta Childcare Centre When: Wednesday, April 27th from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Your bargaining committee is pleased to say that we have reached a tentative agreement with the Employer.  We will be holding a ratification meeting to walk you through the changes to the agreement. This meeting will also be your opportunity to vote to ratify the agreement. Your bar...

April 14, 2016

Lower Mainland Purpose Society staffing pressure increase for casuals

The Employer approached the Union last week in advance of bargaining and requested our consent to increase the rate for casuals immediately in order to alleviate staffing pressures. As the parties will be commencing bargaining at the end of the month and the wage rate will likely increase to at least that rate anyways – we provided our consent. Therefore, casual employees will receive a rate ...

April 11, 2016

Social Planning and Research Council of BC Society (SPARC) bargaining committee

I am pleased to announce your bargaining committee: Ronnie Legaspi Jim Sands Swannie Wu We will endeavour to provide you with regular updates throughout this process. If you have any questions, please contact your bargaining committee. In solidarity Brian Campbell Download PDF of notice here. UNIFOR467/MoveUP

April 08, 2016

Boat Daycare Society ratification meeting – April 15, 2016

The ratification meeting and vote scheduled for February 23, 2016 was not convened due to a lack of availability of bargaining unit members; therefore, the bargaining committee has rescheduled for Friday, April 15, 2016. This is your opportunity to meet with the bargaining committee to review the tentative agreement and vote on the deal. Your bargaining committee is recommending acceptance of t...

April 08, 2016

Island Crisis Care Society tentative renewal agreement ratifies

We are pleased to advise you that the tentative renewal collective agreement has been ratified by the members through a vote conducted on April 8, 2016.  The vote was 87.5% in favour of acceptance. Once the agreement has been drafted, proofed and signed, copies will be sent to all members, and the agreement will also be posted on the BCGEU website for easy access. I would like to take this op...

April 08, 2016

Your Local 303 Executive for 2015-2018

As a result of the Local By-election, please see the revised Local 303 Executive: •    Chairperson                                                   Andrea Duncan •    1st Vice Chairperson                                      Pamela Pye •    2nd Vice chairperson                                     Caroline Kent •    Treasurer                                                       April Duffi...

April 07, 2016

BCGEU Occupational Health and Safety Networker Outreach

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Networker team had their initial meeting in January. The 21 BCGEU members appointed to the team are from all areas of the province. One of their first tasks is to contact BCGEU OHS committee representatives to let them know about upcoming training opportunities.  The Networkers are also busy calling OHS representatives in their areas to determine if the...

April 06, 2016

Local 302 executive election results

Nominations for the vacant Local 302 Executive positions closed March 31, 2016. Please be advised that Shana Reeder has been acclaimed to the Member-at-Large position. Please join us in congratulating Shana Reeder as the new Member-at-Large of Local 302! In solidarity Ernie Gorrie Staff Representative Download PDF of notice here. UNIFOR467/MoveUP