Component 7 includes members who work in colleges and institutes as instructors and support staff, in private environmental testing laboratories, legal services, and other related fields.

Employers include community colleges, the B.C. Institute of Technology, the Justice Institute of B.C., private labs, BC NDP Caucus and Constituency Offices, legal services to the public and many more.


February 09, 2018

Local 703 Executive Nomination Results - BCGEU

The nomination process for your Local Executive positions closed on February 7, 2018.We want to take this opportunity to advise you of the results and congratulate the successful candidates.Your Executive is as follows:  Local Chairperson – Amber Keane – / 778-230-0274 1st Vice Chair – Richard Schaeffer – / 778-996-9504 2nd Vice Chair – Coralie Gr...

February 09, 2018

Local 704 Election Results - BCGEU

The following members were acclaimed:   Chair                                                Monica Wyllie First Vice chair                                   John O'Brian Second Vice chair                              Jessica Lar-Son Treasurer                                          Josephine Wong Recording Secretary                           Amber Armstrong Member-at-large                    ...

February 08, 2018

Amended Local 0712 Election Results - BCGEU

Retraction of Election Results for Local 712 Executive – Bulletin dated February 7th, 2018   The correct results for Local 712 Local Executive are as follows:   Local Chairperson Election:  two candidates Jessica Scafe and Rhonda Hunter 1st Vice Chair: Pending Local Chair Election 2nd Vice Chair: Vacant Treasurer: Vacant Recording Secretary: Vacant Member at Large: Vacan...

February 08, 2018

Minimum Wage Announcement: Low Wage Workers Need $15 Now, Not in 2021 - BCGEU

Today's announcement by the provincial government that B.C.'s minimum wage will reach $15.20 per hour on June 1, 2021 is disappointing, both to the BCGEU and to the 20 per cent of B.C.'s workers who make less than $15 per hour. We think that the provincial government should take action to reduce poverty and inequality in our province by increasing the minimum wage to $15 immediately, as we stat...

February 08, 2018

Election Results for Local 712 Executive - BCGEU

The call for nominations for Local 712 Local Executive closed. We confirm that your new Executive is as follows: Local ChairpersonRhonda Hunter 1st Vice Chair:Jessica Scafe 2nd Vice Chair:Vacant Treasurer:Vacant Recording Secretary:Vacant Member at Large:Vacant Member at Large:Vacant Member at Large:Vacant Member at Large (Young Worker):Vacant Congratulations to the above noted! We look forward...

February 08, 2018

BCGEU Welcomes Review of Labour Code - BCGEU

The BCGEU welcomes the provincial government's announcement earlier this week that they have appointed a committee of special advisers to review the provincial labour code. This review is a good first step in the process of restoring fairness to both the labour code and the BC Labour Relations Board. The code review panel will be consulting with stakeholders around B.C. before reporting back to...

February 07, 2018

Local 707 Meeting Notice - BCGEU

DATE:   March 5,2018 TIME:   5:00 PLACE: Okanagan Area Office              1064 Borden Ave, Kelowna AGENDA • New Executive, Roles and Responsibilities • Reports • General Business   EVERYONE WELCOME!!  IF YOU HAVE NEVER ATTENDED A LOCAL MEETING THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW Download 707 march meeting notice.pdf UWU/MoveUP

February 06, 2018

Local 707 Election Results - BCGEU

The call for nominations for the Local 707 Executive closed on February 4, 2018.   We confirm that your new Executive is as follows:   Cindy Battersby - Chairperson Marcel Beerkens – 1st Vice Chairperson Cheryl Ash – 2nd Vice Chairperson Valerie Tuhkala - Treasurer Karen Markle – Recording Secretary Craig MacFarlane - Member-at-Large Kevin McKenzie –Member-at-Large            CONGRATULATIONS T...

February 06, 2018

Hard Rock Casino workers vote to strike - BCGEU

Hard Rock Casino workers vote to strike An astounding 99.5% vote in favour of strike action Members of the BC Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU) working at Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam voted overwhelmingly in favour of taking strike action against their employer this week. In a vote held from February 1-4, over 90% of Hard Rock staff came out and voted 99.5% in favour of taking...

February 06, 2018

Local 710 Your New Local Executive - BCGEU

Nominations closed on Monday, February 5, 2018 for the Local 0710 Executive. Please join us in congratulating the following members elected by acclamation for their positions in this three year term of office! Local 0710 Young Worker:      Mary Murphy Local 0710 Member at Large: Paola Rodriguez Ruah There was more than one nomination for Local 0710 Chair and also for Local 0710 1st Vice Cha...

February 05, 2018

B.C.’s liquor stores well positioned under new cannabis retail regulations - ...

The new retail cannabis regulations announced by the B.C. government leaves B.C.'s liquor stores well-positioned to provide safe, secure, reliable access to non-medical cannabis products, the Responsible Marijuana Retail Alliance of BC (RMRABC) said today. While the government chose not to allow the sale of alcohol and cannabis in the same store, because of federal recommendations against co-lo...