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Component 1 includes members who work as Correctional Officers in provincial prisons and as Deputy Sheriffs for the B.C. Sheriff Services.


April 09, 2020

Component 1 members update on the most current issues around COVID-19 - BCGEU

We continue to be very busy all around the province in Adult Custody, Youth Custody and Sheriff Services. As of today, there is still only one positive inmate case of COVID-19 and as you are aware this is at OCC. There have been many rumors going around so I hope this will help dispel some of them. Safety and risk assessmentsWe are communicating with ACD regularly to ensure measures continue to...

April 02, 2020

BCGEU Letter to the PSA – COVID-19 update - BCGEU

Since Coronavirus was declared a public health crisis several weeks ago to the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic last month, thousands of you have raised concerns to your stewards, local chairs and component vice presidents about impacts on your work. Your union has been working hard with your employers to address those concerns as quickly and effectively as possible in this time of ...

April 02, 2020

C1 - First confirmed case of COVID-19 - Update Apr 2 - BCGEU

Component 1 Update: First confirmed case of COVID-19   First Confirmed case of COVID-19 Adult Custody Division (ACD) has confirmed the first inmate to test positive for COVID-19 at Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC). The inmate is asymptomatic but will continue on isolation droplet protocols for 14 days. Healthcare staff are investigating how many staff and others may have had contact with the ...

April 02, 2020

Public Service - I think I contracted COVID-19 at work - BCGEU

COVID-19 FAQ for BCGEU members covered by the Main Public Service Agreement   I have COVID-19 and I think I contracted it while at work. What do I do?  If you suspect you were exposed and infected with COVID-19 due to the nature of your employment, you may be eligible to claim compensation for wage loss. Here’s what to do:  Be sure you meet the conditions set out by WorkSafeBC to make a wage ...

March 30, 2020

COVID-19 and Droplet Borne Viruses Risk Identification and Exposure Control P...

Please click the link below to download the PDF of COVID-19 and Droplet Borne Viruses Risk Identification and Exposure Control Plan Template from the PSA - B.C.'s Public Service Agency.   Download PDF of COVID-19 and Droplet Borne Viruses Risk Identification and Exposure Control Plan Template here. UWU/MoveUP

March 27, 2020

Component 1 - Information sharing - BCGEU

COVID-19 update: Information sharingTwice weekly conference calls have been scheduled between the Adult Custody Division (ACD) component VP Dean Purdy. Conference calls with Sheriff Services and Youth Custody are also being scheduled. Component 1 executive has scheduled weekly conference calls. The frequency of the calls will be increased if necessary. A conference call for OH&S co-chairs w...

March 16, 2020

Component 1 Alert- COVID-19 Update - BCGEU

The COVID-19 situation in your workplaces may be complex and changing rapidly. Follow your employer's direction. But, if you have any concerns that your employer has not addressed, bring it to their attention and the attention of a member of your OH&S Committee. Please remember that in all cases you have the right to refuse unsafe work. Further details regarding your right to refuse unsafe ...

March 13, 2020

Local 103 members at Burnaby Youth Custody Centre - Steward results - BCGEU

The following members have been acclaimed to steward positions at Burnaby Youth Custody Centre. Please join me in welcoming them to your current complement of stewards.                        • Danielle Vander Voort                      • Todd Mason In solidarity,  Reagan BelanStaff Representative   Download PDF of notice here UWU/MoveUP

March 13, 2020

Local 103 Executive - BCGEU

Please be advised the following position was filled by acclamation in the Local 103 by-election: · Recording Secretary Danielle Vander Voort Congratulations to Danielle for joining the Local 103 Executive.   In solidarity,     Reagan Belan BCGEU Staff Representative Download FYI L103 Recording Secretary results Mar 2020.pdf UWU/MoveUP