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Component 1 includes members who work as Correctional Officers in provincial prisons and as Deputy Sheriffs for the B.C. Sheriff Services.


October 07, 2021

All Public Service BCGEU Members - Update - BCGEU

We would like to share more information about the recently announced vaccine policy.  Our union's role is to protect your rights as laid out in the collective agreement and ensure members who require representation, receive it. Our responsibilities include fighting for workplace safety, as well as accommodations for workers who cannot get vaccinated for legitimate medical grounds protected by t...

October 01, 2021

Local 104 Members - Opening of steward elections - BCGEU

The BCGEU Constitution & Bylaws calls for Stewards to be elected every three years following the union's triennial convention. Steward nominations are now considered open.The attached package has historically gone to worksite stewards and mail contacts only, however, given the number of members that may be working from home due to COVID-19, home support workers who do not have an office to ...

September 22, 2021

Recruitment and retention discussed at BCGEU-PSSG & AG meetings - BCGEU

BCGEU leadership met last week with the senior government officials from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the Ministry of the Attorney General and the BC Public Service Agency. The meetings were agreed to as part of the bargaining process. The meetings focused on the ongoing problem of recruitment and retention, and both ministries provided updates on their recruitment and r...

August 11, 2021

14 Day Waiting Period after International Travel - BCGEU

14 Day Waiting Period after International Travel  We are concerned about the employer's decision to continue keeping all members off work for 14 days after international travel. We would like to meet with the employer soon to discuss their decision, specifically the medical and scientific evidence it is based on. We will raise this issue with government and review it's practices, and those of e...

July 23, 2021

All Local 102 – General Meeting - BCGEU

COMPONENT: Corrections & Sheriff Services LOCAL:102 – General MeetingDATE: Monday, August 30, 2021TIME: 6:00 p.m.PLACE: Area Office, 106-1650 Terminal Ave N, Nanaimo   AGENDA Public Service Bargaining ProposalsThis is your opportunity to suggest changes you would like to see in the new collective agreement (i.e. improve call out and recall language; sick leave) Proposals must be ...

June 22, 2021

Youth Corrections 40 Hour Workweek Vote Results - BCGEU

Members across the province at Youth Corrections have voted in favor of 40-hour workweek proposals.Between May 1 -14, 2021 a total of 124 ballots were casted by Youth Corrections members.  The results are: 65 (52%) voted in favor of a 40 hour workweek proposal. 58 (47%) voted not in favor. 1 spoilt ballot The Youth Corrections 40-hour workweek proposals will now be moved to government for the...

June 21, 2021

BCGEU response to B.C. Ombudsperson report & next steps - BCGEU

On Tuesday, June 15, the Office of the Ombudsperson of B.C. released a report describing the office's investigation into the use of separate confinement at the youth custody centres in Burnaby and Prince George. The report makes 26 recommendations related to the use of separate confinement and other issues in youth custody. Read the full report, entitled Alone: The Prolonged and Repeated Isolat...

June 03, 2021

BC Human Rights Tribunal’s decisions re: Levan Francis - BCGEU

On May 5, BCGEU President Stephanie Smith and Component 1 Vice President Dean Purdy met with Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth, senior ministry staff and senior leadership at BC Corrections to discuss the Ministry's plans to address the institutional and other factors identified by the BC Human Rights Tribunal (BCHRT) in the Levan Francis decision. Members in correc...

May 05, 2021

FRCC Mbrs- Remembering Bikramdeep Randhawa - BCGEU

Dear FRCC members,It is with heavy hearts that we offer our deepest condolences to all of you on the loss of your friend and colleague, Bikramdeep Randhawa. While the loss of any member under any circumstance is a tragedy we understand that Bikramdeep's youth and the sudden, violent, and public nature of his death make this loss harder to bear.  Correctional officers are an extraordinarily tigh...